What Viaport


Strategic benefits

Automagically works

Viaport makes global trade as simple as local trade.  Big or small, experienced or novice, all users can take advantage of our user-centric approach, meaning Viaport is intuitive to use, restoring a sense of control to all users of border.

Easy Automation

The Viaport system acts as a tool to easily implement the various required trade regulations and customs requirements from around the world, enabling automatic classification, declaration and verification of goods and services across borders.

Business Benefits

Viaport helps evolve linear supply chains into networked value chains. Utilising the system gives stakeholders competitive advantage by setting new standards of customer service and operational efficiency, with new levels of trust and collaboration, at a much lower cost.

Border Experience

Secure insights


Viaport aggregates the relevant customs data from multiple sources with a complete chain of custody, creating a transparent tamper-proof evidence trail.
Viaport collects time ordered information that officials can independently verify and any discrepancies are signalled.

Single Trade Window

Simple and transparent information interaction and sharing is delivered via a Single Trade Window with its efficient and secure data management that allows for secure and verifiable data, meaning customs controls no longer have to choose between speed and security.

Risk Analysis

Efficient, secure and verifiable data management across the whole supply chain provides the best quality of data for Ai based Risking. 

Data Science

Data platforms

Border Intelligence

Viaport sequences events and states from all stakeholders into a single chain of notarised events, these can be verified and notifications can be sent to relevant parties when action is required.

Data Strategy

Viaport replaces Data Silos with Dynamic Data Fusion. The secured sharing and streamlining of data minimises work processes and errors, prevents declaration forgery and improves transparency whilst delivering realtime information sharing amongst stake holders.

None-Intrusive Checks

Viaport makes green lanes more viable and efficient, meaning customs controls no longer have to choose between speed and security. Over time further integrations and developments such as free-flow non invasive inspections and DRM systems for digital goods and additive manufacturing become viable.