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This is an Ideal system for the world's global trade,
A real game changer
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Easy for Everyone

Made by Humans, for Humans.

Viaport puts people back at the heart of the global trade.

An Inclusive and unified system for the secure facilitation and verification of Cross border trade

Border Control

Stop sacrificing security for speed.

Viaport integrates with and facilitates the digitised supply chains of the new industrial era, removing potential bottle necks in the supply chains, logistics and customs procedures of cross border trade.


Face the future with confidence.

Patent Pending system that combines proven existing systems and emerging technologies into a secure global platform for trade.

Scalable, adaptable, modular and future proof.



Gain Digital Advantage

Innovative simplicity

Viaport removes the complexity of global border management.  Made for business of all sizes, with simple user-friendly interfaces, efficient software via it’s super secure network,  Viaport delivers a fast gateway to global trade.   

Designed to deliver

Strategic insights

Viaport can integrate with existing logistics processes and facilitates cross-border digitised supply chains of the new industrial era, delivering on fundamental border requirements, whilst removing bottle necks in the supply chains, logistics and customs procedures.


Trusted growth

Viaport reduces friction at the border; less cost and delays for traders, more efficient ports, greater predictability, While increasing security and revenue collection.Viaport Stimulates Economic Growth and Development through Trade Facilitation and Border Security.


Key Benefits

Why Us

Our Thinking

Viaport breaks through the barriers to Trade, generating benefits in time, cost and ease of use delivering increased productivity and economic growth for governments, business and individuals.

VIAPORT creates a ‘Trusting’ relationship between Governments and border actors.

Simplicity of use, easy adaptation and expansion, and inherent scalability, the Viaport Customs system will form the foundation of the future requirements and developments that increasing growth in trade, diversity and automation will bring. By utilising this open and inclusive system to boost inclusive economic growth there will be a benefit to societies around the world including the poor and the unbanked, whilst coping easily with future innovations such as lights-out factories, driverless lorries, remote licences, 3D printing, and the emerging equity ownership culture.  Sustainability is a key aspect of the Viaport system, and apart of the Ellen MacArthur Foundation community Viaport will help to accelerate the global transition to a circular economy. 

Designed to facilitate the development of future business models, industry methods and complex global supply chains. Viaport removes the possibility of collusions, and introduces full accountability for the data provided. The Viaport Customs system will increase security and help to identify criminal activity, such as counterfeiting and smuggling and other trade related crimes. Cross border tax avoidance can also be mitigated.


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